A Pastor's Call

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A Pastor’s Call 

By Jeron Bro
On a stressful day, a random voicemail was all I needed. An unknown number appeared when this phone call came. It…


By Jeron Bro
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One rainy day, I sat in the car frustrated, emotional, not wanting to talk to anyone. And here came a man with long hair who limped toward me, motioned me to roll down…

Behind the New Song: "Inspiration"

I faced a dilemma late 2015. The fundraiser for my debut album fell short. I could keep producing music of lower quality, but I built relationships with professionals in the local music scene who waited for radio-ready material. I decided…

Planning a Legacy - Jeron Bro

Planning a Legacy 
By Jeron Bro
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To me, there are three steps to planning a legacy: reflective thinking, prioritization and living. I believe that when a person answers life-questions…