Remembering Homeless Friend in New Song "Inspiration"

By Jeron Bro

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This blog is tough...a few years ago I lost a friend that was a source of encouragement for me and he was homeless. I dedicated this line in the song "Inspiration" to him and other homeless friends: "this for people with a sign that they roll right pass..."

See the art video below, where I use texture and objects to depict the city-life of the underdogs:

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I hoped to be the best person I could while employed at a grocery store in Norfolk,, I had nearly a dozen homeless friends who I'd spend time with off the clock. I didn't know if it violated my employment policy (plus, I'm not one to brag), so I didn't tell anyone. They had HIV, were drug-addicts and some were dying. This led to one of them giving me a heartfelt conversation one day...

He approached me and lifted up a jewel-case CD of mine. He said one of his friends had it and he exclaimed how much he was a fan. It's stirring that they found a CD player to hear the music. He challenged me to keep going and wanted to share it. Later that year, someone asked me if I knew he was sick...I did. Then, I was informed of his death.

I dedicate this song to him and so many underdogs. A young friend questioned the reach of my music recently, pointing out video views and online reach. I heard his heart, but I shook my head at the same time. Sometimes, finding inspiration will not be about's personal.

RIP Rob.

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