Blog: Why "Explicit Warning" Was Added to My Album Information 

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Alright, ya'll...let's talk about it. 

So if you look closely at my album cover for Prayers of The Streets (bottom right corner)'ll see a Parental Advisory sticker. Also, when you play this album on your favorite music player, you'll see fine print near the title that says EXPLICIT CONTENT. This was an intentional decision that I had to make when publishing this album.

So some time in June, I received an email stating my "street worship" album raised some concerns with music platforms. I guess, after listening, maybe seeing the gun on the cover, they said "what kind of worship album is this!?" 

Releasing My Explicit Content, Worship Rap, Album... 

At first, I did a little huffing and puffing, wondering why they were trying to hold me back! The album was already delayed. I got so frustrated, I first released the album for free on YouTube just to respond to everything going on. Plus, it was NOT my goal to have my album in a category with Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion when the album was published, though I know God can use that publicity. Not to mention, I don't use profanity whatsoever throughout the album, so I misunderstood what "explicit" meant. Then, I realized...the experiences I describe through music may be a reality for me and my circle, but they aren't normal for majority culture...or majority church culture. My lyrics about suicide, gun violence and drug abuse can be jarring and even traumatic. I remembered, that when I played rough drafts of the album around my children, I skipped songs. 

Final Thoughts and Discussion 

Eventually, I agreed that this album was an "explicit content" worship album, but it raises some questions about worship, faith and those like us. The lives that many of us in black communities have lived are considered "explicit". What does this say about the sermons, worship communities, prayers and worship experiences that those like us require? If my album is in the explicit category, should Jesus and the bible be, given they speak on violence, death and trauma? How is it that a worship album, that reflects real experiences, would be jarring in a church? What does this say about church culture, that even in communities closely related to the album's topics, it's not normalized to deal with trauma through worship? Are trauma and regular Christian life two different categories? 

These are the types of questions I'm glad are raised by this album which says: no matter how dysfunctional your life is, God hears your voice. There are prayers, songs and promises for you. Jesus says: 

"Come to me, all who are burdened and heavy laden, and I will give you rest." 


Blog: Watch In-Home Performance of "I Can't See You" 

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Watch In-Home Performance of "I Can't See You"

Hey Friends! 

After hearing my emotional song “I Can’t See You”  was a favorite among friends, I published a performance of the song! I’d normally do this at a concert know how that is. To see intimate in-home performance of “I Can’t See You”, click here. 



Like most songs on the project, this one was difficult to record because I cry performing it. (Haven't heard the album? Click here.) The lyrics describe unforgettable highs of life, first moments with our oldest daughter and embracing other breath-taking experiences my life has offered. On the other side, the song describes when I face depressive feelings and loneliness. Since a child I've feared being abandoned by God and friends. It’s no wonder the song is becoming popular. Many are feeling these things during the pandemic and social injustice. 

Thank You for always hearing my heart. Subscribe, share and stay tuned for new music this month shhhhh! 


Blog: How Rapper 6ixNine Influenced My Album Release 

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How Rapper 6ix9ine Influenced My Album Release

Hey Friends! 

So far, my album's prompted important discussions among friends and leaders in my circle. But, why spark these discussions in the middle of a global pandemic? Well, after rapper 6ix9ine released his music, I felt obligated. If you haven't heard the new album, click here! 


He're Why I Rescheduled My Release 

So, those who know me also know I'm a sensitive soul, to say the least. Too sensitive to release music during a global pandemic and the global outcry against racial injustice. So, I canceled my plans in March...until... 

Controversial rapper 6ix9ine was released from prison and planned a campaign that simply ignored all the issues we were facing. I was bothered...but how could I be mad when I wasn't saying anything? After all, he's expressing his values and forty million fans appreciated his work that same week.  I had a choice: be critical or be constructive. 

I chose to contribute to the cultural conversation with my album. I chose to say with this album: 

"Sure, some value masking their thoughts with provocative lifestyles and ignoring tough problems. But, those like me value hope, faith and healing. We rely on God to walk us through every dark time we face. We don't ignore our questions, we face them relying on God's grace." 

I hope you experience that when you experience this album. I'll be sharing more of my thoughts about faith, worship and having a purpose during this season of life for us. Until then, 

Stay safe and try to only wear the masks that go on your face...not on your spirit. 


Blog: My New Worship Album is Here! 

My New Worship Album is Here!!!


Dear Friends!

Prayers of The Streets is a "street worship" album, full of worship songs about life as a minority in Christian faith. (To hear new album, click here!) It answers this question: what does it look like for minority Christians who walk with Jesus? The content tackles common issues in minority life: addiction, drug abuse, racism, violence and PTSD. I wanted to share my worship life as an example for those who can relate. 


I'll be sharing blogs to breakdown the songs and my thoughts about worship in such a turbulent time. As always, I hope you are well and I pray this music gives some hope and inspiration in such a unpredictable season in human history. 

Jeron Bro