Blog: Watch In-Home Performance of "I Can't See You"

To hear Prayers of The Streets, click here! 

Watch In-Home Performance of "I Can't See You"

Hey Friends! 

After hearing my emotional song “I Can’t See You”  was a favorite among friends, I published a performance of the song! I’d normally do this at a concert know how that is. To see intimate in-home performance of “I Can’t See You”, click here. 



Like most songs on the project, this one was difficult to record because I cry performing it. (Haven't heard the album? Click here.) The lyrics describe unforgettable highs of life, first moments with our oldest daughter and embracing other breath-taking experiences my life has offered. On the other side, the song describes when I face depressive feelings and loneliness. Since a child I've feared being abandoned by God and friends. It’s no wonder the song is becoming popular. Many are feeling these things during the pandemic and social injustice. 

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