From the recording Prayers of The Streets Vol. 1


Fye fye fye lyrics

Praise up. Praise Up.
Flames rise.
How high?
Soul on fire.
Who lit the fire.
Consuming fire. Consuming fire?

Disciples all over that map, yeah
Telling them Jesus rose, yeah
Flex on tracks, yeah
But cant nobody spot his max, no
Dont nobody share his stats, no
Talkin bout the God unmatched, yeah
Lit the universe like a match, yeah
When everything was black on black, yeah
Tell me who can spot his weakness huh
Tell me that the world so devious huh
Full of sickness and diseases huh
Ignoring dont fix it huh
Relying on human genius
Led to racism and eliteness
Let to classism and greediness
Neediness, neediness, neediness

You started speaking to the world about a promise
B-I-B-LE we acknowledge
Didnt come from human knowldege
Ask me who’s the highest name
Ima keep it 1k.
Only one saves.
Praise his name, Jesus


Praise his name, Jesus
Say his name, Jesus
Wasnt no bridge, wasnt no savior
Tell me who made a way, Jesus.
Tell me who is seated on the throne now.
We gon have to account for what we owe now
Unless somebody pays the debt we cant repay
Take the wrath of God in our place
Had to jump off that stage like the Holy Spirit stole my chain
And he says he knows my name
Way before the earth was made
Way before this verse was made
God can take the curse away
God is the author of Adams life
He disobeyed with his appetite
The consequence was so huge and great
It affected the whole human race
The God of grace communicated
That he had a plan with a due date
What would you do, if you were made new, and he told you
Youre a new creation.