From the recording Prayers of The Streets Vol. 1


On and On (Lyrics)
Album: Prayers of The Streets Vol. 1

(Verse 1 - Jazmyn Briana)
Sitting here thinking bout where I’ve come from
Knowing in my mind that you had to be the one
Convincing me to press on when I wanted to be done
Knowing you could light my life with rays from your Son
You came and gave hope to a soul so grim
To save me from the wandering away from where I’ve been
To save me from the reckless way that covers me in sin
My story goes on, Im a child born again
Some say I must be crazy, trust in what I can’t see
But there is no denying what your Spirit did in me
You took me from disaster to a place of heavenly
Even though the things around me don’t reflect your glory
I can be a vessel to display all you do
A witness to the power of your grace so true
I may not do it perfect, but I’ll imitate you
Trusting that your ongoing love will bring me through

(Chorus - Lakia Monet)
You think you know me
And my story, but Ive come a long way
We’ve come a long way
And our story, goes on and on
Cause your love for me, goes on and on

(Verse 2 - Jeron Bro)
Thank you for every message that you’ve left
Cause when you tryna’ do right man, they push you to the left
What you mad for?
Would you rather buy a CD or leave your teenage son with a TV
Family’s on my mind
And I know I should see them more, but what’s right in my own eyes got me blind.
Workers are on the grind.
So, even if my lil’ homie gets grounded
Lecrae might have him grounded
Once was on the ground and seeing police clubs
Now I’m tryna’ promote peace at the club
OG filled with some hubby love
And to think they thought faith was puppy love
It’s a war outside, Larry D got that tug
Light of the world and we pulling out some plugs
Personal background with Crip thugs
But in the background, you’ll see a cross with some blood

Music produced by Larry D