Behind the New Song: Samson

By Jeron Bro
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My wife and I had just decided to invest in my first studio album. While recording, I received a call from my surgical doctor with a diagnosis. Just a week prior, he told me I was fine. “I don’t know how we missed this, but your results show signs of Low-Grade Lymphoma. You need to see a [cancer] specialist immediately.” he said.
My heart sank…what was I supposed to think? My favorite professor was diagnosed with Lymphoma just a month before. They found multiple tumors in his body. What was I supposed to tell my wife? I asked the Lord what was wrong with me. 
I decided not to tell my wife until her job shift ended. She’s employed at a hospital. I couldn’t help but wonder if this would be my last chance to record music in a long time, since the last surgery was on my neck. 
“What would I say if this was my last song?” I asked myself. 
That’s when I was reminded of my usual songwriting goal, to share “life-messages”. I felt like Samson in the last moments of his life, dedicated to his people and to his God even in his weakest moments. 
I’ve taken a few medical tests since then. My latest diagnosis was Hyperplasia with features of Lymphoma. It’s a cell disorder we have to monitor long-term and I’m not sure of its current impact—besides fatigue and some skin issues. God has a purpose for us, even in our weakest times. Let’s dedicate our lives to faith and service until the end. If I go out, I'll go out like Samson. #LikeSamson