Behind the New Song: "Inspiration"

I faced a dilemma late 2015. The fundraiser for my debut album fell short. I could keep producing music of lower quality, but I built relationships with professionals in the local music scene who waited for radio-ready material. I decided to face my fears with my new song "Inspiration". I wanted it to represent what I live for. 

I went back to my roots and connected with the best producers I knew to share my life message. A pastor from Georgia called me to explain how impacted his children were because of my music. I remembered the friends overseas who connected with my music. I remembered why I was doing this. I wanted to promote hope and inspire others. I wanted to say "don't give up on life. Embrace second chances we wake up to."

What's Your Life Mission? 

I released my debut song "Inspiration" that year. I call it an anthem for the underdogs. It's my first song in online stores (ITunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Tidal). What's your life mission? When faced with obstacles, God's plan for us will be inspiration. We must find your purpose and then dedicate our lives to it. I dedicate this song to my community, family, and the underdogs. After coming so far, should we turn back?


A photo with Quinton Wilson, producer for Inspiration

In the studio with Biggz, engineer for 'Inspiration'

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