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Planning a Legacy 
By Jeron Bro
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To me, there are three steps to planning a legacy: reflective thinking, prioritization and living. I believe that when a person answers life-questions, schedules their priorities, and takes action they live intentionally. Here are a few factors that we can’t ignore: 

We aren’t promised tomorrow. 
We’re not perfect. 
Things change. 

So, how does this planning a legacy work…exactly? 
Self – Discovery (values, personality, skills, weakness) - I encourage friends to buy a dollar store journal and answer a few questions about values, personality, and character traits. 

  1. What legacy do you want to leave in the world (or who do you want to become before you die?) 
  2. Who do you want to leave a legacy for? (Family, community, field of work?) 
  3. What are your personality traits? (what are your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes?) 
  4. What are your talents and skills? (career ideas, job qualifications, etc.) 

Prioritization – Next, you’ll want to put your steps in order. 
What needs to be done first? For example, you can’t live tomorrow…if you aren’t alive tomorrow. You need to drive safely, eat a certain way, live a certain life in order to see your future. Do you have children? You have to change a diaper? Do you have a spouse? You need to care for them and live with them. Figure out what’s important and take it a step at a time. (Note: this may take 10+ years! But, it’s part of the process of living a legacy without regret.) 

Be faithful to the life you’ve planned. Let New Years celebration remind you to revisit your life-vision. Take it one day at a time. When you accomplish something, celebrate and put it in a photo album…or on the wall! When you face discouragement, stay faithful. If things need updating, update them. One day, you’ll look back and say…I did this intentionally. 

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